Have you ever used Dettol antiseptic liquid to clean the wound and waive off the infection? If yes, then you might or might not know of its another usage of cleaning your home floor with ease and comfort. For years, Dettol liquid has been considered the most effective germ-killing and wound-cleaning agent that makes you get rid of pain and infection. Doctors all across the globe use and recommend you to first clean the fresh wound with this liquid that has healing properties inside. It also features germ-killing components to make you stay healthy and pain-free.

There is another relevant usage of Dettol liquid which is used as a disinfectant spray or a liquid product after cleaning your residential floors. Not many people would believe the fact that Dettol could be used as a cleaning agent. But here in this blog, we will prove this point based on two key points.

  • First of all, Dettol antiseptic liquid features anti-germ and anti-infection properties inside. So, whenever you get hurt with blood flowing from any part of the body, Dettol liquid is applied to clean the wound, kill germs, remove dirt & dust, and stop bleeding completely.
  • Another biggest advantage of using Dettol is providing germ protection to people. When you apply the liquid to the wound, you will not experience any germ attack. This liquid creates a protective shield on a respective body part.

So, based on the above-mentioned points, you can certainly use Dettol liquid as a floor cleaning agent and avail yourself of the following advantages.

  1. Cleaning Surfaces: As you already know the disinfecting elements inside the Dettol liquid, it is the best used cleaning agent for your floor or other surfaces. For this, you can add a few drops of liquid into a half bucket of water. Once done, you will see bubbles coming on the bucket's surface, and easily dip the mop for floor cleaning purposes. With this liquid in the water, you can seamlessly clean tough stains, dirt, and dust in the shortest possible time. And ultimately stay in a hygienic environment. 
  2. Ensure Germ Protection: Not many people are aware of the fact that Dettol antiseptic liquid contains phenol chloroxylenol. It is an active germ-protective ingredient that helps kill off the surrounding germs with ease. So, again, you can mix a few drops of Dettol in the bucket full of water and mop the floor using the same. It helps in removing floor impurities and hidden toxic germs to ensure a safe living ecosystem inside. 


Using Dettol for wound cleaning and floor cleaning is beneficial to ensure dual usage and cost-effectiveness. Buy this liquid online in bulk as per your requirement from a reliable platform and save much on cost. Also, use this liquid for various floor-cleaning surfaces while keeping your home surroundings go safe and protected.