Water consumption in excess is something that you cannot control. It is essential to drink the required quantity of water daily to stay hydrated mode. But who said, you just have to drink the plain and simple filtered or the fresh water. There are other choices available for you to meet your thirst. For instance, you can drink San Pellegrino sparkling water or any other brand of water to change your taste a bit. All those people, who love to pop a bottle of carbonated drinks will definitely like the taste of sparkling water.

What is sparkling water means to you?

The sparkling water is nothing but a mixture of fresh H2O best infused with CO2 (carbon-di-oxide) to give you that required bubbling effect. This mixture makes the drink fizzy and sure to give you a different taste. Just like you have tasted other carbonated drinks on several occasions that are full of artificial sugar inside. Similarly, you can drink sparkling water with bubbles and a fizzy effect inside but with no sugar at all. So, from a health perspective, sparkling water manages your weight and keeps you hydrated for a long.

Different types of sparkling water to consider

If you are looking for different water in Dubai with that fizzy effect inside along with the mixture of CO2s, then look at the following few choices.

  • Tonic water: It's a kind of carbonated water with a mixture of CO2 along with artificial flavors of minerals, quinine, and other elements inside. It further includes sugar inside to increase the fructose level of the drink.
  • Seltzer: Another type of carbonated drink that you can put your hands on is the seltzer. It contains artificial sugar inside along with the inclusion of several natural fruit flavors to make this drink sweet and fizzy in nature.
  • Mineral water: Mineral water as you know is the highly filtered form of plain and simple water with the required minerals inside. It's spring water that contains magnesium and calcium inside.
  • Club soda: Lastly, a kind of bitter taste carbonated water to buy is club soda. It contains sodium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate that provide a kind of bitter taste to this drink.

Key benefits of drinking sparkling water 

There are several benefits of consuming sparkling water daily to best quench your thirst, whenever you feel like drinking something fizzy.

  • First and foremost, drinking sparkling water keeps you hydrated for a long compared to the consumption of normal water. It can help you meet your daily water intake with no hassle at all.
  • Sparkling water is low to no-calorie water that does not involve the inclusion of sugar components inside. Therefore, it is beneficial for maintaining your weight to an optimum extent.
  • Since sparkling water contains CO2 elements inside. Thus, it is beneficial to improve your digestion power to an optimum extent.
  • Drinking sparkling water at regular intervals keeps you feeling full for a short time. You can drink any required quantity of sparkling water with ease.


Adding sparkling water to your daily drinking habits is beneficial for your digestion, weight, hydration, and more. Shop for the required quantity of branded sparkling water online without going anywhere else.